Saturday, July 05, 2008

"Safety" gate

We've recently had to install grills on all the windows as well as a main gate outside our apartment.... supposedly for the safety of our kids. On hindsight, i don't really know if it was for better or worse!!!

Look at how the rascals have made the main gate their newest "Mount Everest"!!!
Tan brothers tag team... suspending themselves and rattling the gate really loudly!!! (I pity our neighbours!!!)Sasha... the "genteel princess"... so not!!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Her World Golf Challenge

Recently took part in the Her World Golf Challenge held at Sentosa Golf Club... Didn't win any of the top three prizes, of course!!! :-) But had a lovely day of golf with the other ladies!

The picturesque par 3 that can daunt anyone with a fear of heights... U actually have to tee-off from the cliff edge!!!

Another scenic view of the property developments around Sentosa Cove... How I wish I were that rich!!! Sigh... Our buggy... all dressed up... My golfing kaki, Pimpartlert Sarathorn, and I... Having A "HIAO" photo moment, whilst waiting for the flight in front to speed up!!! The Sembawang Ladies... waiting for the buffet dinner to start...The four amigos... always taking part in the ladies' opens...
It was really a fantastic day of golf & good food! Definitely gonna take part next year!!! Maybe even do the challenge in Bangkok if I can get the other ladies to go along!!! :-)

Free Play!!!

Go Go Bambini is having a promotion... every child under 2 years gets to play for FREE on weekdays!!! Of course, cheapo me rushed for this fantastic chance to let the rascals into their dream playland!!!

Their ultimate fav... the ball pit! Evan... climbing everywhere...
Ryan... content to roll around in the pit...Sasha... having a blast trying out new obstacles...Mirror image... Twin towers...Anyone out there with kids under 2 should really make full use of this promo cause it usu costs $6/kid for unlimited play. So I've saved $18!!! Definitely gonna bring them as often as possible until the promo ends on July 31st!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dental Mission Trip

Over the weekend, I took a "break" away from the hubby & kids and went on a dental & medical mission trip to Bintan. Before the kids, I used to do this on a regular basis so when the opportunity arose this time round, I grabbed at the chance cause these trips remind me of why I wanted to be a dentist in the first place!!!

This time round, Singapore Dental Association in a collaboration with Bintan Resorts organised a mission trip to two villages in Bintan (Berakit & Sebong Lagoi) to offer medical and dental treatment to the villagers. I had been to Berakit 4 years ago and it was fantastic to seem some of the kids that we had previously treated all grown up!

Welcome in school at Berakit
Berakit - Extraction patients already waiting for the treatment to start
Berakit - Oral Surgery (extractions) treatment room in full swing.Berakit - Instrument and supplies station
Berakit - Restorative (fillings) corner with portable LA operation chair in fore ground
Berakit - Dentures station (yes... we can actually fabricate immediate dentures!!!)Sebong Lagoi - Oral Surgery section set up in the corridor due to poor lighting in the classroom

Overall, I'm glad we had a chance to give back to society... It really breaks one's heart to see how poor these villagers are and the lack of proper medical & dental care.
I really must commend these stoic and brave people... especially the children who do not utter a single sound as injections and extractions are done on them! Hardly did we hear a cry or whine... everything was taken in their stride... even in one as young as 2 years old!!!

If only my kids could be half as brave...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Outing with our princess

It was our sweetie's turn this fri nite to experience the "only child" feeling...

At 6pm, she got all dressed up n waited excitedly at the door...Put on her high heels... N was raring to go!!!
We brought her & her good friend, Barney, to Sze Chuan Court for some yummy dim sum...
Where she had a whale of a time wolfing down the xiao long pao...
Giving daddy big kisses for taking her out to dinner...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Rub-a-dub-dub, 3 ducks in the tub

Check out what our three rascals have been up to!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Girls' Nite Out!!!

Daddy had a company function to attend this fri so Sash & I had a girls' nite out! Actually it was with Grandpa & Grandma who took us out to eat our fav food... JAPANESE!!! :-)

Mummy & daughter waiting excitedly for our sushi to arrive!!! Sasha... looking extremely forlorn as her brothers were not around to share the ride with her... Finally perking up when Grandma treated her to the cookie monster $1 ride!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Garang" girl

If u were to see two hulking elephants approaching u, what would u do? Apparently the size of these gentle giants does not seem to faze our "garang" girl...
Instead of clinging tightly to me like what her brothers did, Sasha did the direct opposite!!! She charged forward to get a closer look!!! And climbed up the railings to get an unobstructed view!!! Sigh... what happened to "ladylike" behaviour?!?

NTUC fun!!!

The rascals just love going to the NTUC at AMK Hub... Besides pulling stuff off the racks and driving me crazy, there's something that they're always fighting to do...

That is... who get's to drive the little car... Sometimes, I get so tired of them fighting over the car, I just dump them all together in one trolley!!!One old lady jokingly asked me where to buy these three... So I told her to check out the KIDS' SECTION!!! They were having a special... BUY 1, GET 2 FREE!!! :-)

Dinner at Prego's

We had a lovely dinner at Prego's the other night... just the 2 of us n our little Ryan. We try to take one kid out every friday night... just to give them a feel of being an only child! So the kids have to take turns and only get to do this once every three weeks!!!

Here's Daddy n Ryan... looking very grown up, I must say!!! My little darling... enjoying his woodfire pizza... Another father-son-moment...